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What Our Clients Are Saying

I had an amazing experience with my debt consolidation loan. The application process was extremely easy and my loan officer, Fidencio ** was so knowledgeable and helpful. His communication was impeccable and made it easy for me to send all the documents he needed. My loan was great because they paid my payees directly, which saved so much time and effort. It only took minutes for the approval and within 3 days the funds were sent out. My terms and interest rate were incredible. They also offered an autopay program for repayment, which is convenient. I am so very satisfied with the experience as a whole. Highly recommend!!!

I had received a letter in the mail about helping be consolidate debt. I did not have a bunch of debt. It was just one credit card that I could not bring the balance down as fast as I would of like due to the interest rate I feel like I was standing still. I made the call to Liberty and they helped me pay off the card in two years. 15,000 is what I owed and I will pay that back to Liberty plus something like 1800 fee. This was a much better option for me than my bank which would of had me paying the next 10 years to get a 0 balance. The lending company was very excited to help and always called me back to update me about my loan and I would recommend them to anyone who need the same assistance.

I received a mailer for Liberty Lending offering a great rate to consolidate my credit cards. We took a chance for the first time responding to something like this. The customer service rep at Liberty was extremely helpful and kind. We told them we didn’t want a credit card settlement (that can damage credit a bit) but a personal loan in order to pay off high interest credit cards and to have extra funds for a surgery coming up. We were referred to their sister company FreedomPlus for a personal loan and to complete the process. All of this took just one afternoon. By that night, we had been approved and signed all necessary documents.

I was in a situation that I thought I was never going to get out of when I got my loan offer in the mail from Liberty. It was all due to a job transition to Florida, I had endless expenses associated with my move and I took a pay cut in the beginning, I was having trouble keeping up with my minimum monthly payments when I got my consolidation loan from Liberty. They consolidated all my credit card debt and now I am saving every single month, when I couldn’t have needed it more than I need it now, I’m forever thankful I made the call to them.

Great company, extremely helpful and tentative throughout the entire process, would highly recommend to all, I got a consolidation loan and then I referred my girlfriend to consolidate her debt with them and they approved her quickly and sent me a gift card for the referral without me even asking! I had my balances on my credit cards become extremely high as a result of being out of work because of an injury that I suffered not too long ago.

Liberty Lending Group was so helpful in finding me a loan in order to pay off two high interest credit cards. The process was easy and pretty much complete in one day. I would definitely call them again.

Dealing with LLG has been a very seamless and painless experience. They were prompt with timelines. It was very refreshing to deal with a company that did what they said they were going to do. I will recommend LLG to anyone in need in the future!

We received a letter in the mail offering to help us consolidate our debt into one monthly payment. We had several credit cards that we wanted to pay off and get a lower interest rate on in the process. The process was very easy and painless. We talked to a consultant named Holli and she was very helpful and she got the process started quickly. She stayed in constant contact with us either through either phone or email. We had the whole thing finished in a few days. Thank you for all the help and making so easy.

I am writing to let you know how pleased my husband I were with your services. I must admit that at first I was Leery if using a loan company that solicited through the mail. We had been disappointed in the past. However Marilyn, our advisor immediately put me at ease and was such a responsive and knowledgeable person. I would definitely recommend your services to others.

I was working with a credit consolidation company and was suggested to use Liberty Lending to pay off debt quick. It paid off my credit cards but now I have a crazy high monthly payment with awful interest rates. So I am still in the same situation I was in when I started. I just owe one company lots not instead of several little ones. I have asked multiple time about refinancing for a lower interest rate, “they don’t do that,” they said… I asked if I can go online to make additional payment toward principals, “you can’t do that,” they said (you would have to manual mail payments). They make it extremely difficult to pay off balances. It will take me over 6 years to payoff the loan because it is all going to interest. If I had it to do over again, I would not use this company.

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